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Asian Arrivals @ Ellis Island

Royalty & Early Arrivals
Royalty & Early Arrivals
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Prince Parachatra of Siam (Thailand) arrived 10/23/1920 via Mauretania  (Source: ship manifest 39y born in Bangkok; a military engineer for the Siamese govt; in transit; staying @ Biltmore Hotel NY; arrived w/ Luang Saritkar Banchong)


Prince Parajattpok of Siam (Thailand arrived 9/22/1924 via Leviathan (Source: ship manifest Parajatipok, 30y born Bangkok; diplomat, army officer; last residence Paris; going to Siamese delegation in Washington; travelling w/ his wife & w/ his secretary Mon Chao Amaradat)


Princess Parajattpok  arrived 9/22/1924 via  Leviathan (travelling w/ husband)


Early Arrivals

(the Ellis Island  opened on 1/1/1892; 1st arrivals of passengers & crew were recorded on 1/2/1892 then on 1/4/1892)


(Notes by M.E. Embry The following info is tentative and further research may uncover earlier arrivals)





Pan Lei & Soa Wong arrived 1/4/1892 via City of Washington; merchants “citizens of China


Moy Jung & Muy Pau arrived 1/12/1892 via City of Alexandria


Jon Sun, Long Wong, Jan Len & Nan Hen Wuong arrived 1/14/1892 via Niagara


Mau San Kun, merchant & Yam Tan, student arrived 1/21/1892 via Saratoga


Yung Wy & Chung Yin, students arrived 1/21/1892 via Colon “permitted to land 1/26/1892

Notes by M.E. Embry: manifest page# 0416 for Colon 1/21/1892 has 3 handwritten names that were not found in ship text manifest. Also to be noted that the Chinese Exclusion Act (1882-1943) was being enforced this period


Kwa Wah & Lun Got, merchants arrived 1/26/1892 via City of Alexandria


Sam Li, actor & Yim Qaum, merchant arrived 1/29/1892 via Orizaba




Siamese (Thai)


Phra Suriya, Secretary Legation of Siam arrived w/ wife 2/27/1893 via Augusta Victoria


Bhaskarawongar, D. arrived 8/7/1893 via  Umbria 


Nay Lamoon, student, University of Berkeley (California); arrived 5/16/1906 via Noordam 


Nai Saura Sirn, student, University of California, Berkeley; arrived 8/8/1906 via  Oceanic 


Luang Ratanayapti, secretary arrived 10/3/1906 via Oceanic with wife & three children



East Indians


Dr. PC Mundajar arrived 4/29/1893


K.C. Amin arrived 9/11/1893

“Travelling merchants, transients; East Indians” arrived 1/6/1896 via Saint Paul:


Arthur Ali, Moyahan Ali, Eshacki, Wfe Hossian, Abduc Lotif, Abdu Rohin, Shaekh Mohaunk, Hews Shaik, Solyaman, Abdun Subhun, Abdul Wahab



Gunkuing Kimm & Kimis Kimm  arrived 11/10/1903 via  Morro Castle 


Hurn Seek Kimm & Yiny Seek Kimm arrived 5/25/1904 via Grenada 


Chi Sucke Oke & Iung Ju Kin arrived 3/11/1905 via Vigilancia 




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